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Weddings for Everyone by Special Moments Celebrant

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Weddings for Everyone
Weddings for Everyone

As a Civil Marriage  Celebrant I enjoy creating unique individual ideas for my couple's wedding ceremonies. I pride myself on being creative, confident, highly organised, well prepared and presented.  Therefore I will ask you a series of questions, even providing a questionnaire  for you to think about and fill in at home" 

I officiate at a range of ceremonies throughout the North / Northwest Tasmania but will travel  Tasmania 

 I am also available Australia Wide.


I look forward to assisting couples in making their wedding ceremonies unique, and most importantly a 

"Special Moment"

I am continually creating solid business relationships with many venues and wedding service specialists.

I always suggest meeting with other Celebrants as well as me, to ensure you "Click"  Its important to feel comfortable with your celebrant.  I hope to be that Celebrant.

Order of Ceremony

Average time of ceremony is 15-30minutes.

Length of time of the ceremony is a personal choice. Some couples prefer a shorter ceremony of about 10-15 minutes 

whereas others may prefer one that takes a little longer and can include up to 2 readings - taking about 20-30 minutes. 

You can have as many readings as you wish however, 1 or 2 is the usual.

Procession (Bridal March)
The Bridesmaids enter first, followed by the Bride with the person who is giving her away. (A bridal party is optional. However it is required that you have atleast two witnesses (witnesses must be over the age of 18))

The Celebrant welcomes family and friends, and introduces her/himself.  Housekeeping announcements ie: facebook/photos/confetti and rice.

Giving Away
'Giving Away' of the Bride to the Groom is totally optional.  Often more than one 'Giving Away' is done. There are plenty of options:

  • Giving Away of the Bride by her father/ brother/mother/sister/other family member/friend.
  • Giving Away of the Bride and Groom by their respective parents.
  • Giving Away of the Bride by her parents.
  • Giving Yourselves to Each Other

The Celebrant speaks about the couple's ideals and/or philosophies of marriage. What marriage means to the couple and perhaps aspirations for their future together. 

I can offer you a selection of verses and poems from various books and resources, or you may chose your own. It is usual to have a close friend or family member read this.

From the Marriage Act and said by the Celebrant.  This cannot be deleted or modified.

Declaration of Intention to Marry
This is often called the 'Declaration of Marriage' which is a public declaration.

Again, I can offer you a selection of verses and poems from various books of resources, or you may chose your own.
Ring Ceremony
Most couples give rings to each other however, sometimes just the Bride chooses to have a ring. Some couples may choose to give a gift, rather than a ring.

A short conclusion is said by the Celebrant.

The Declaration of Marriage 
The Celebrant pronounces the couple 'Husband and Wife'.

Signing the Marriage Register 
The couple and their two witnesses sign the Marriage Register, Certificate of Marriage and Marriage Certificate. 

Congratulations and Presentation of the couple 
The Celebrant congratulates the couple and introduces them to their family and friends.  Many just choose to have their first names read while others prefer to be introduced as Mr & Mrs...

The couple leave the ceremony area, followed by their bridal party, generally to music.

This concludes the Celebrant's part of the ceremony.