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Other Special Moments

Renewal of Vows

Often these ceremonies are associated with a special wedding anniversary, but the ceremony is just as appropriate at any stage of marriage. Particularly relevant to those who have been through a trying period together, and wish to reconfirm their commitment to each other. Sometimes it's because they couldn't have their ceremony of choice at their wedding.  

Any married couple, of any age, and married for any length of time, can arrange a  Renewal of Marriage Vows Ceremony.

Special people in your lives can take part in your ceremony, children, family and friends.  You can have two people to witness the signing of the Certificate of the event. 

These ceremonies have no legal effect, and are not legally binding on those who participate.

Naming Ceremony

A very popular ceremony is the Naming Ceremony. These ceremonies recognise the important role we each have in the encouragement and protection of the children with whom we may come in contact.  It is not a religious ceremony, rather a service of welcome shared by your family and friends usually held in a family home or garden. It is a fun, joyous event that involves  many relatives and friends who often chose readings. Ceremonies can be tailored to celebrate one child or ten or more.

Other Celebrations...

  • Engagement Dedication
  • Adoption
  • Blended Family Celebration
  • Pet Adoption
  • Mid Life Celebrations
  • Medical Clearance - Remission or a 2nd chance
  • Healing (after divorce, seperation or loss)
  • Divorce Ceremony
  • Rites of Passage
  • Retirement - or change of Career
  • Pet Funeral