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Elopements  - quick and easy

We do not have Registry Offices here in Tasmania.. but its still possible to have a legals only wedding..or what is better known as an Elopement. 

An elopement still requires the lodgement of your Notice of Intention to Marry to be lodged a minimum 30 days prior to your wedding date and no more than 18 months. 

An elopement ceremony is conducted with minimal or no guests in attendance. 

Couples choose elopement ceremonies when they want to share the moment of their vows only with each other, or if they wish to enjoy a stress-free, romantic and private ceremony sometimes before their public wedding. Or perhaps you just don't want to or need to tell anyone. 

However every ceremony requires two witnesses.

Two adult witnesses are required on the day of your ceremony for witnessing and signing of the Marriage Register.  Witnesses must be at least 18 years of age and may be family or friends, however, they must be able to speak and understand English.

If you are choosing to elope and need help finding witnesses,  please talk to me. 

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