Special Moments Celebrant - Jane Collins  

Weddings, Commitment Ceremony, Renewal of Vows
Naming Ceremonies and many other special moments

Is your wedding budgeting scaring you? 
As your celebrant, I am pleased to offer you a regular payment schedule for my fees.... 

upto 3 weeks before your wedding date. 

If it helps even just a little bit... i am happy to help.


A celebrant is the person who ensures your wedding meets all legal requirements, who ensures your ceremony is conducted in a professional manner. Your celebrant really is more important than you venue, more important than your cars and in some cases more important than your dress and outfits.

The most common question I get asked before anything else, is how much do I charge?

I do not have a set price. I need to talk to you, to discuss your requirements and to know where and when your wedding will take place. I then offer you a firm price and in writing.

Your wedding will just be a party without a Celebrant.. so they should rate high on your list. 

You need to invest some time in choosing your celebrant and be comfortable that the one you chose is a good match with both of you.  

There are cheap Celebrants.. and you might just get what you pay for..    I am not one of those. 

You need to budget for a good celebrant and these prices can vary by taking the time to call, you will know what you are up for.  If you want a great ceremony, you and your guests will really enjoy, then, be prepared to invest in the services of professional celebrant.  I believe I am that Celebrant.

Please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss your requirements. I offer a free No Obligation quotation after a few questions.