Special Moments Celebrant - Jane Collins  

Weddings, Commitment Ceremony, Renewal of Vows
Naming Ceremonies and many other special moments

We haven’t yet reached the point where Marriage is a right for all.  However, I believe changes are in the air, and every now and then, we get some encouragement that legislation will change, and that same sex couples will be able to one day soon marry legally.

When you truly love someone, no matter who or what gender they are, there is a natural relationship progression to commit yourselves to them,  to declare publicly your love for one another.  

But until legislations change for same sex couples, you may feel there is reason to wait.. but for how long..no one knows. 

But why should you...

You can plan your commitment ceremony NOW. 

By selecting me as your celebrant I will be honored to perform your ceremony now and then once marriage equality is declared and laws changed, I will gladly perform a legal civil ceremony at no extra charge. 

(my usual fees apply to your commitment ceremony and some simple conditions do apply)

Please contact me for more information.